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SHINee Onew 2013 Picture and Profile

Lee Jin-ki (Hangul: 이진기; Hanja: 李珍基; born December 14, 1989), better known by his stage name SHINee Onew (Hangul: 온유) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, lyricist, presenter, radio host, MC, and promotional model. He is a member of South Korean boy group Shinee under the label of SM Entertainment, as the leader and lead vocalist.
SHINee Onew 2013 cute pics
Name: Lee JinKi (이진기)
Stage Name: Onew (온유)
Birthday: 14th December 1989 (22)
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: O
Weight: 61kg
Position: Leader and lead vocalist
Talents: Piano, Chinese
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing basketball, speaking in English and Mandarin, performing, playing the piano, and eating chicken
Favourite Colours: Yellow and red

SHINee Onew 2013 pics
About Onew: 
They first recognised Onew at the 2006 S.M. Academy Casting. He has the stage name Onew because of his soft voice. He trained under S.M. Entertainment for two years before he debuted as the leader of SHINee in 2008.
He starred in the musical Hyungjeneun Yonggamhaetda (형제는 용감했다/Brothers were Brave) in 2010 as a character named JuBong. He also starred in Rock of Ages playing as the lead role, Drew. As well as this, he has also played a brief role as a bumbling doctor in the last episode of the K-drama Dr. Champ.

Fun Facts About Onew:
•Is nicknamed tofu, “Ondubu”
• His first time ever performing on stage, he was so nervous he couldn’t see anything in front of him, and forgot his lyrics before going up, but the thought of his parents sitting in the front row helped him calm down while he was performing
• Has a deep love for chicken
• Has Onew condition, haha, when he tries to be funny, but instead freezes the atmosphere awkwardly. But there’s always that odd occasion once or twice a year that someone actually finds it funny .

• Has an obsession with NG-ing, quote Key: “You just can’t not NG, can you!?”
• When he was little and had long hair, he used to tie his hair up with the string used to tie up the bread bag
• Once said that if he was a girl, out of the SHINee members he would date Key
• When he doesn’t know how to answer a question when he is nervous he flails about and slips into a state of being baffled
• Has trained the longest out of all the SHINee members
• “I recieve a lot of snacks and yoghurts that have nearly the same names as mine”, quote Onew

Onew was discovered at the 2006 S.M. Academy Casting. Onew received great appreciation from Lee Soo-man, SM Entertainment's founder, at Girls' Generation's debut showcase. Lee Soo-man noticed him and wanted to hear Onew sing during a one time on the spot audition. He signed the contract with SM the day after he auditioned. In 2008, he was chosen as a member of the group SHINee, and the 5-member boy group debuted on May 25, 2008 on SBS's Inkigayo.

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