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Beast Gikwang 2013 Picture and Profile

Lee Gi-kwang (Korean: 이기광, Hanja: 李起光; born on March 30, 1990) Also known as Beast Gikwang is a South Korean idol, singer, dancer, actor and occasional rapper. He was a solo singer under Cube Entertainment, also known by his stage name as "Ace Junior" (AJ) when he debuted. He released his first Mini Album "First Episode A New Hero" which features the works of the famous composer Brave Brothers. He is now a member of Beast.
Beast Gikwang 2013 pics
 Birth Name: Lee Gi Kwang
Stage Name: Gikwang
Birthday: March 30, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of The Group
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Song composition
Specialty: Singing, dancing
Education: Dongshin University

Beast Gikwang 2013 latest pics
 Fun Facts
-When he debut as solo ,he admit that he feel lonely and sometimes he will cry
-Kikwang’s handphone is iPod Touch
-He likes to eat vanilla cake but not something that basiclly from chocolate
-He likes Miss A and f(x)
-He likes to dance when he free but not to sleep

-Kikwang feel that Hynseung funnier than him’
-Kikwang favourite quote : “Enjoy a movie, can relieve stress and forget all worries”
-Do you know that Kikwang is allergic to seafood ?
-He really want to get a hat or sweater as a present on his birthday
-Most of his fans said he is the most handsome in B2ST
-He said he will be marry a beautiful smile girl and has a nice voice
-Kikwang’s favourite drink is Protein Shake
-He has a little brother name Lee Haekyung

-Gikwang loves to crump. He rips his costumes often at the crotch area because of this
-Gikwang loves watching black people dance. He thinks they dance very passionately
-Gikwang rarely eats junk food or ramen. He also doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. He takes very good care of his body
-Gikwang instantly goes to sleep once he lays down on the bed
-A fan asked Gikwang whether he would like to go out with her. He nicely said, “It can’t happen.”
-Gikwang loves girls who are sexy and cute but have a charming side
-Gikwang is the most addicted to the computer. He would hog it and would only get off to sleep
-Gikwang prefers girls with round features and some flesh than girls with sharp features
-Even when the members are exhausted and tired, Gikwang can still happily think about eating

-Hyunseung have said that Kikwang is their best dancer
-Has been a trainee for 5-7 years
-Kikwang never re-tweet what ever his fans tweet him
-Aces is the name of his fanclub
-Gikwang always jokes around about wanting to marry Hyunseung
-Gikwang is allergic to seafood
-Gikwang was a trainee in DSP, JYP, and Cube
-Gikwang used to wear glasses until he got lasik
-Gikwang didn’t know the difference between a swing and a seesaw as a child
-Gikwang will do anything to please his fans
-Even if you tell Gikwang the most outrageous things, he’ll go, “Oh really?”
-During his AJ days, Gikwang wasn’t allowed to have a cell phone
-Gikwang threatened to cancel his patbingsoo’s debt he owed Doojoon after loosing a bet. But he ended up buying it for everyone anyway
-Gikwang’s nickname is “Pelvic Bone Kwang.”

-Gikwang was more nervous to debut in B2ST than as AJ
-Gikwang would like to tell Hyunseung to stop eating chicken because Hyunseung’s really more of a glutton compared to Gikwang
-Gikwang loves working out but is the laziest member, especially when it comes to cleaning/washing up
-Gikwang’s ideal type of girl is someone who looks pretty and is fun to talk to
-Gikwang tried gaining weight so he could beef up
-“Good-bam” means “goodnight” in Gikwang’s language. Similar to “hi-yeom” and “bye-yeom” meaning “hi” and “bye.”
-Gikwang was supposed to debut in a group of five/seven members
-Gikwang always puts the word ‘inje/then’ in his sentences
-Gikwang thinks the members push him around a lot

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