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FT Island SeungHyun 2013 Picture and Profile

Song Seung-hyun (Hangul: 송승현; Hanja: 宋承炫;Japanese:ソン•スンヒョン born August 21, 1992) Also known as FT Island SeungHyun is a South Korean musician and actor. He is a member of rock band F.T. Island, where he serves as the guitarist, vocalist, lyricist, and composer. He is the newest member after replacing Oh Won Bin. He is the second youngest member of the group after Choi Min-hwan.

FT Island SeungHyun 2013 pics
Birth Name: Song SeungHyun
Birth Date: August 21, 1992
Birth Place: South Korea
Family: Younger brother, parents

FT Island SeungHyun 2013 latest pics
Asked SHINee’s Key to introduce him to girls
His longest record for sleeping was 27 hours
Considered the least photogenic by his professionals
Loves bullying HongKi
Nicknamed “walking hospital” because he gets sick the easiest
Hates math
Admires Big Bang’s DaeSung

His younger brother, SeHyun, is a FnC trainee
His parents think he’s a good boy, but he’s skipped school before
His childhood dream was to be a movie star
Loves to play pranks on the other members
Hates pineapples
Known to be a party animal

Song Seung-hyun was a FNC trainee for 3 years before joined F.T. Island. He joined F.T. Island as a guitarist and backup vocalist after former member Oh Won Bin leaving the group. Right after joining FT Island as Oh WonBin‘s replacement, his anti-fans got up to 2000 members. I Believe Myself became the first single with member Song Seung-Hyun's vocal.

 In 2009 Song Seung-hyun appeared on SBS’s variety show program Idol Maknae Rebellion ("아이돌 막내반란시대"). He also did a cameo in Style [Ep6] (SBS, 2009) In 2012 Song Seung-hyun makes his musical debut on ‘Jack the Ripper’ as Daniel.He performed for 8 days in Korea (Korea Haeorum Theater) and 3 days in Japan (Tokyo Aoyama Theater) [7] His character Daniel, is one of the main characters who is part of an extremely sad romance. He begins a dangerous deal for the woman he loves. He was the youngest Daniel to be cast in ‘Jack the Ripper‘.

-With fellow band member Choi Jong-hoon, Seung hyun modeled at the 2009 Autumn Seoul Fashion Week on October 17, 2009 for Lee Ju Young, the designer of the "Resurrection" collection. -With fellow band member Lee Hongki, Seunghyun becomes ambassadors for Gangwon-Do Province. They introduced Gangwon-Do by experiencing the place themselves. They went to Kyungpo Beach, Chamsori Museum, rode on rail bikes as well as the beach train at Jungdong-jin, East Sea. The series of photoshoot by famous Japanese photographer, Shimokoshi Haruki, portrays the beauty and charm of Gangwon-Do.

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