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FT Island JongHoon 2013 Picture and Profile

Choi Jong Hoon (최종훈; pronounced [ tɕʰwe tɕoŋ huːn ]; hanja=崔敏煥;Japanese:チェ•ジョンフン born March 07, 1990) Also known as FT Island JongHoon is a South Korean musician and actor. He is a member of rock band F.T. Island, where he serves as the leader, lead guitarist, keyboardist, occasional lyricist and composer.
FT Island JongHoon 2013 pics
 Birth Name: Choi JongHoon
Birth Date: March 7, 1990
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Parents

FT Island JongHoon 2013 latest pics
Is most happy when performing with F.T. Island
Leader of the band
Likes Eric Clapton
The first thing he does when he wakes up is check his cell phone
Has received a guitar from a fan

The most straight-forward member of F.T.
Both fans and F.T. Island dub him the most charismatic
Seems innocent, but holds grudges and is the most petty
Dances to girl group dances well
Known for being cheesy/awkward

 Jong Hoon was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 7, 1990, according to the solar calendar, and February 6 according to the lunar calendar. He attended the Shindongshin Middle Information Industry High School. During his high school years, he was accepted into the F&C music talent agency, which later formed the band F.T. Island with Jong Hoon as its leader and guitarist. Since March 2, 2009, Jong Hoon has been attending the University of Suwon in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He is majoring in digital music alongside former band member Oh Won Bin.
In January 2009, members Choi Jong Hoon, Choi Minhwan, and Lee Jaejin were put into the sub group "A3". This group debuted at the 2009 New Year concert "My First Dream" held at the JCB Hall in Tokyo, Japan on January 2, 2009. Jong Hoon performed as the guitarist and a sub-vocalist. The group's name was "A3" due to each of the three members having type A blood. This group was formed to help take up some singing time during their concerts, so that lead singer, Lee Hongki, would not overstrain his voice.

In late 2009, the triple-member group was renamed "F.T. Triple" and began working with Jong Hoon on keyboard instead of guitar. They released the single "Love Letter" and began performing on music shows. During this time, F.T. Island's main vocalist Lee Hongki was busy filming a drama and guitarist Song Seung Hyun was involved in several variety shows.

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