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SHINee Minho 2013 Picture and Profile

SHINee Choi Minho (Hangul: 최민호; Hanja: 崔珉豪; born December 9, 1991) is a South Korean idol singer, rapper, dancer, actor, model, lyricist, promotional model, MC, and radio host. He is a member of South Korean boy group SHINee under the label of SM Entertainment, as the main rapper, sub-vocalist, and visual.
SHINee Minho 2013 pics
Name: Choi MinHo
Birthday: 9th December 1991 (20)
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 60kg
Position: Main rapper and sub-vocalist
Talents: Rap, Chinese, English
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, acting
Favourite Colour: Blue

SHINee Minho 2013 latest pics
About MinHo:
MinHo was first cast at the 2006 S.M. Casting System. Before he debuted with SHINee, he modeled for Ha SangBaek’s Seoul Collection F/W 2008-2009 in March of 2008. He made an appearance in SNSD/Girl’s Generation’s Gee music video in 2009 and in VNT’s debut music video, “Sound”.
He is one of the permanent cast in Dream Team Season 2 and is nicknamed “Ace” of the show, because he often wins a lot of the challenges (he even won a Kia Cadenza on episode 101, the ACE Special). He made his acting debut on November the 22nd in 2010 in a KBS drama special called ‘Pianist’. He is also known as Flaming Charisma MinHo.

Fun Facts About MinHo:
• The other SHINee members reckon MinHo looks best when he isn’t wearing make up
• Used to share a room with Onew and TaeMin
• He thought that TaeMin was older than him when they first met
• In SHINee’s Hello Baby, when JongHyun kissed YooGeun, Key didn’t do anything. But when MinHo kissed YooGeun, Key wiped YooGeun’s mouth
• Says that if he were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things, he would take a mobile phone, all the SHINee members and Korean instant ramyun

• On his 19th birthday he got on a plane on the day before his birthday, and when he arrived in Korea, because of the time difference, his birthday had already been, and he basically missed out on his own birthday
• Once played soccer with his friends until early morning, and after that, he slept for two days
• MinHo is the least skilled at Japanese out of all the SHINee members
• Both him and Onew like watching the anime One Piece
• Describes himself as a fire, he gets excited quickly, but also cools down easily

SHINee: Minho was discovered at the 2006 S.M. Casting System. In 2008, he was chosen as a member of the group Shinee, the 5-member boy group debuted on May 25, 2008 on SBS's Inkigayo.
Pre-debut: Before debuting with Shinee, Minho modeled for Ha Sang Baek's Seoul Collection F/W 08-09 in March 2008, two months before Shinee's debut stage.
Solo: Minho appeared in both the Korean and Japanese version of Girls' Generation's music video "Gee" . He was also featured in the music video of VNT's debut song Sound.

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