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SHINee Lee Tae-min 2013 Picture and Profile

SHINee Lee Tae-min (Hangul: 이태민; Hanja: 李泰民; born July 18, 1993) is a South Korean idol dancer, singer, actor and promotional model. He is a member of South Korean boy group SHINee under the label of SM Entertainment, as the maknae, main dancer, and vocalist.
SHINee Lee Tae-min 2013 pics
Name: Lee TaeMin
Birthday: 18th July 1993
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 53kg
Position: Vocalist and main dancer
Talents: Dancing, piano, Chinese
Hobbies: Listening to music, acting, dancing, soccer and basketball
Favourite Colour: White

SHINee Lee Tae-min 2013 latest pics
About TaeMin:
TaeMin was first discovered at the 2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting. He made his acting debut in the Korean sitcom TaeHee, HyeGyo, KiHyun! as Lee JunSu in 2009 and played the role of Kim SungChae on Moonlight 90 with Key in 2011.
He debuted with SHINee after three years of training under S.M. Entertainment. He is well known as SHINee’s ‘dancing machine’ because of his passion and talent for dancing. And is the cutie maknae of SHINee.

Fun Facts About TaeMin:
• After their practice sessions, TaeMin would always stay behind and practice some more
• He loves watching horror movies
• He likes holding hands
• Always loses the stuff he collects every time he tries to start a collection, so he has given up on collecting stuff altogether
• He often studies and does homework when he’s in waiting rooms
• When he was asked if there was one thing he could do forever he said he wants to go diving, he really likes dolphins, so he’d like to be in the water.

• He likes it when he finds out the other members’ secrets
• His favourite flowers are white roses and sunflowers :)
• Him and Onew want to visit Disneyland in Tokyo
• No matter how much he consumes, he doesn’t feel like he’s eaten anything at all if he doesn’t eat rice.
(“TaeMin keeps asking for rice, but you know, people in Paris don’t eat rice, but every time we go out to eat, he asks if they have fried rice! *laughs*”, quote Key)

In 2009, he played "Goodbye My Love" on piano with 8Eight singing. In 2010, he rapped "Introduce Me a Good Person“ with Key and SNSD's Yoona for SNSD's 1st Asian Tour “Into The New World” in Shanghai, for the "Korean Music Wave In Bangkok 2012" he had a special stage performance with IU. They sang Gee, Juliette and Hello.[3] To support fellow labelmate, BoA, he danced with her for her comeback stage of "Only One", and several times more after. On September 19, Taemin released a solo track titled, "U", for the drama To The Beautiful You. On October 16, 2012 it's announced that Taemin alongside Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Henry, Girls’ Generation's Hyoyeon, EXO's Kai and Luhan participated as a 6 member dance team for the Veloster theme song, "MAXSTEP" in "PYL Younique Album". It’s the collaboration album between SM Entertainment and Hyundai. A video teaser of the song shown at the PYL Younique Show on October 17, 2012. In 2013 he joined to Super Junior's Henry solo "Trap".

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