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U-kiss Shin Soohyun 2013 Pictures and Profile

U-Kiss Soohyun is the self-called "Power Vocalist" of the group. He was also formerly a member of Good Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.
U-kiss Soohyun

Shin SooHyun (신수현)
Birthday: 11th March 1989 (23)
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: A
Weight: 67kg
Position: Main vocalist
Talents: R&B, dancing, piano and soccer
Hobbies: Listening to music, exercising, playing on the computer
Favourite Colour: Red
About SooHyun:He was previously a trainee under JYP Entertainment and Good Entertainment. He is the power vocalist of the group and is acknowledged for his powerful singing style. And he is a Christian.

U-kiss Soohyun 2013 pics
Fun Facts About SooHyun:
• He dances in his sleep
• He loves to flash his abs
• His English name is Mark
• Is known as “King of Fan Service”
• He says that fans look the prettiest when they behave well

• His hands tremble when he’s nervous
• He loves action movies
• He isn’t very good at billiards
• When him and the other members go out to buy food, he buys most of the food, only for himself 
U-kiss Soohyun pics

U-kiss pics 

  • He once revealed that he wanted to date Han So Young
  • Revealed that he was sexually harassed at an airport
  • He was once a trainee of JYP Entertainment
  • Has the nickname of “Power Vocalist”
  • Debuted after training for 3 years under NH Media
  • He was appointed the leader after Alexander’s departure
  • He is known to have trembling hands when he is nervous
  • He’s known to have an extreme passion for music
  • His dream is to be a successful singer
  • Fans gave him the nickname “King of Fan Service” because he gives a lot of attention to fans and keeps them happy when he has free time
  • Member’s call him ‘greedy’ because he is selfish when it comes to food
  • He has an older and younger sister
  • He likes to listen to music, exercise and play on the computer
  • He likes to play soccer
  • He’s good at the piano
  • His father passed away when he was in the second grade of Junior High School
  • His favorite color is Red
  • His English name is Mark
  • His motto is “No pain, no success”
  • He’s friends with Jo Kwon (2AM), Dong Woo (B2ST) and Ki Kwang (B2ST)
  • When they have free time he usually meets up with Ki Seop and hang out
  • He trained for a total of 6 years
  • He likes to flash his abs
  • He likes healthy foods and loves veggies
  • It’s said that he dances in his sleep

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