Thursday, May 23, 2013

U-Kiss DongHo 2013 Pictures and Profile

U-Kiss DongHo is the maknae of the group and spent most of his childhood in China, therefore he is fluent in Mandarin.
Name: Shin DongHo (신동호)
Birthday: 29th June 1994 (17)
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 62kg
Position: Lead rapper, lead dancer and vocalist
Talents: Rap, Chinese, baseball, golf, soccer, drums
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading books, knitting
Favourite Colour: Pink 

About DongHo:
DongHo is the maknae of U-Kiss. He spent most of his childhood in China, and is fluent in Mandarin. 
DongHo is currently attending HanRim Entertainment Arts School. He is also the most active member of the group. He has taken part in acting in dramas and a lot of variety shows. Because of this U-Kiss say
“DongHo is the one who makes us receive more popularity, and because of this we are thankful to him”. DongHo also recently made a brief appearance in the movie ‘My Black Mini Dress’ with Yoo InNa, receiving a lot of attention from this.

Official Twitter:!/Dongho94

Fun Facts About DongHo:

• Has a habit of biting his nails
• Enjoys knitting during car rides, and says he would get sick or get headaches if he was on his laptop or phone
• He has grown 8cm since their debut
• He is sometimes called ‘Donglebee’, a mix of bumblebee and DongHo
• Was voted the trickiest member of U-Kiss
• Says he is more of a listener than a talker
• DongHo sometimes tends to slip into his own little world where he breaks out into dance in the middle of nowhere
• He loves stuffed bears, and says his favorite is Winnie The Pooh
• Has a dog called ‘Bbo-Bbo’
• According to DongHo, to this day the meanest thing Kevin has ever said to him is “Idiot”

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