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U- Kiss Lee KiSeop 2013 Pictures and Profile

U-Kiss Lee KiSeop is the newest member of the Group, who joined in 2009. He is a former ulzzang and appeared on the second season of Uljjang Shidae.
U-Kiss Kiseop 2013 Pics
Name: Lee KiSeop (이기섭)
Birthday: 17th January 1991 (21)
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: A
Weight: 60kg
Position: Vocalist and main dancer
Talents: Martial arts (TaeKwonDo/태권도), beat boxing, dancing and acting.
Hobbies: Listening to music, photography, piano and acting
Favourite Colour: Black

U-Kiss Lee Kiseop latest pics

About KiSeop:
KiSeop is known for being an Ulzzang (‘best face’) in Korea. He joined U-Kiss in 2009, after their debut in 2008 making U-kiss a seven member band. When he was first accepted as a new member, KiSeop made a post on U-Kiss’ official homepage, apologizing to all of U-Kiss’ loyal fans, asking them humbly
to accept him as a new member of the band. He also appeared in the ‘Not Young’/’어리지 않아’ MV before his debut.

U-Kiss Lee Kiseop latest pics
Official Twitter:!/KiSSeop91

Fun Facts About KiSeop:

• His favourite pyjamas are his tiger pyjamas
• He always brings his notebook along with him so that when he has an idea, he can write it down straight away
• His favourite cologne is Calvin Klein CK One
• He is scared of heights, spiders, snakes and scary movies, and always screams when watching them (and so does Kevin)
• When he gets nervous he stutters and talks really fast, he also tends to do stupid things and falls over a lot when he’s nervous too
• His favourite girl band is 2NE1
• He has a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo
• SooHyun feels like DongHo left him for KiSeop
• When KiBeom was still a part of U-Kiss, he started called KiSeop “Seoppie” for fun
• His princess name in U-Kiss is ‘Snow Seop’

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