Thursday, May 23, 2013

U-Kiss Kevin 2013 Pictures and Profile

Lived in San Francisco, California. Is also a former member of Xing like member Kibum. From living in America, he is also fluent in speaking English. He is also known to be the prettiest of the group.
Name: Kevin Woo (Woo SungHyun/우성현)
Birthday: 25th November 1991 (20)
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: O
Weight: 50kg
Position: Lead vocalist and second main vocalist
Talents: Dance, guitar and piano
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, reading books, composing music
Favourite Colour: Blue
About Kevin:
Kevin was born in Danville, California in the United States, so he is also fluent in English. When in America he went to Monte Vista High School. Before he debuted with U-Kiss in 2008, he
debuted with a group called XING, in 2006 with previous band member KiBeom. Kevin is known for his ability to do his own cover of girl group dances and is a Christian.
Official Twitter:!/Kevinwoo91

Fun Facts About Kevin:

• When he eats, he eats slowly
• When not on camera, he can’t stay still and has to be doing stuff, like he’ll dance, fidget, look at himself in a mirror, etc…
• His ringtone is usually the most recent U-Kiss song
• His nickname (other than ‘fish’) is Mervin, a combination of Mermaid and Kevin, they got the idea from the Merlion (mermaid+lion) in Singapore
• Kevin is the best dancer in U-Kiss
• He thinks he’s funny
• He likes to hug his fans, and wave to them and say Hi individually ♥
• His favourite cartoon is Tweety
• He doesn’t snore
• He loves candy, ice-cream, noodles and chicken

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